Financial Aid Options


It is our desire to make Christian education available to as many families as possible in the Helena Valley.  The education of your student is an important choice for every family and to that end, we do offer the option of requesting financial aid from the school.

We have a few options for financial aid:

1. ACE scholarships- these are income based and we have a limited number available

2. Helena Christian Tuition Discounts- this option is an income based discount that the school offers but does not receive any funding to make up for the discount.

After submitting your application for enrollment you may submit your financial aid paperwork (available to print from the application).  Our Financial Director, Michele Chard, will then contact you to set up an meeting to go over your application.

If you have questions pertaining to financial aid, feel free to call Mrs. Chard at 406-442-3821 or email her at