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Basketball Court


Middle School Boys Basketball - Oct-Dec

Middle School Girls Basketball - Jan-Mar

High School Boys and Girls Basketball - Nov-Feb

MCAA State Tournament for High School Basketball in Feb.

We do not have a program at HCS for grades K-5th.  However, our AD works hard to connect families with the leagues in Helena (Elkhorn, YMCA, etc.)  Many times we will have a parent that wants to coach and information is put out for families to sign up, if possible, as a team.

Soccer & Volleyball

High School Men's Soccer - Aug-Oct 
(boys in grades 7-12 may participate)

High School Women's Volleyball - Aug-Oct
(ladies in grades 9-12 may participate)

Middle School Volleyball - Sep-Nov
(grades 6-8 and depending on number 5th grade)

MCAA State Tournament for High School Volleyball and Soccer in Oct.

Golf and Frisbee_edited.jpg

Golf & Ultimate Frisbee

Golf - Apr-May

(Boys and Girls in Grades 6-12 may participate)

Ultimate Frisbee - Apr-May

(Boys and Girls in Grades 7-12 may participate)

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