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Thank you for giving to Helena Christian and supporting the school as we Educate, Build, and Inspire students for the cause of Christ.


Here are a few ways to give:

1) Through the DonorPerfect link below;

2) Through the Thrivent link below; or

3) Through the mail (check) @ 3384 Canyon Ferry Road, East Helena, MT  59635

The links below allow you to donate via banking accounts or with a credit card.

We are truly blessed by your giving and are so grateful for the support.
Screenshot 2023-07-25 225637.png


To donate to Helena Christian School via DonorPerfect: 

Screenshot 2023-07-25 225528.png


To donate to Helena Christian School via Thrivent: 


​Many families would like to give their children the benefit of a Christian education but are unable to afford the full tuition.  Requests for scholarships often exceed the funds the school has available.  If you would like to be a blessing to other families, please consider giving either as a one time gift or on a monthly basis.  You can give through DonorPerfect (select Scholarship) or you can simply mail or bring in your payment with scholarship written in the memo line.  Please  contact our financial director for more information.
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